Invitation to High Rise workshop


June 23th 2015, Aalto University, School of Business - room 401, Runeberginkatu 14-16, Helsinki, Finland – Prior to the GPD Conference

Schedule and Course

Presented by: Dr. Leon Jacob and Mr. Peter Smithson from Australia, Mr. Keith Boswell from SOM, San Francisco USA and Thomas Henriksen from Waagner Biro, Germany.


Registration 08.00-09.00


Morning session –   2 hours

Dr. Leon Jacob - 1 hour, 09.00-10.00

  • Introduction to high rise design
  • Historic overview – Development of curtain wall systems
  • Types of glass facades

Mr. Keith Boswell – 1 hour, 10.00-11.00

  • High Rise design considerations - Building Typology, Useable floor area and support “core” floor areas by typology,
  • Structural considerations, Vertical circulation (elevators), Life safety systems, Building services  (mechanical/electrical/plumbing/etc.),
  • Energy efficiency & Public spaces


Coffee break 11.00-11.30


Pre-lunch session –  1 hour

Mr. Peter Smithson  - 45 minutes, 11.30-12.15

  • Loading - External and internal Loading – wind, air and water penetration,
  • Energy efficiency - Natural daylight vs solar heat gain.
  • Fire resistance and acoustics
  • Performance criteria – air infiltration, acoustics, daylight, energy criteria

Dr. Leon Jacob – 15 minutes, 12.15-12.30

  • Specifications – Architectural


Lunch 12.30-13.15


After lunch session – 1 hour

Mr. Keith Boswell - 1 hour, 13.15-14.15

  • Delivery Methods
  • Impact of wind pressure on Operable windows
  • Sequencing
  • Constructability

Finnish Building and regulatory Authority – 14.15-14.30

Dan  Mollgren – Helsinki high-rise architectural competition, head of project

City of Tampere

  • Introduction to local project in Finland.

Final session –  2 hour

Waagner biro Thomas Henriksen – 30 minutes, 14.30-15.00

Case study: ‘Maersk, Panum building in Copenhagen’

  • WB has designed and are currently building a high performance adaptive facade for the Maersk building. The building is to a large extend copper clad.
  • The required energy performance of the facade is 0.63 (W/m2 K) of the whole curtain wall, all the glass has a centre pane u-value 0.5 (W/m2 K), Lt 0.69 and G-value 0.47. On the project we have flat glass, single curved glass convex and concave, and J panels.


Coffee break 15.00-15.30


Discussions and Case studies – 1.0 hour, 15.30-16.30

Chaired by Dr. Leon Jacob  with speakers - Boswell, & Smithson 

  • Successful designs applications
  • Examples of real problems buildings 


How to sign in



You can sign in for a workshop participation by following: and procedure to Registration for Gii Workshops at frontpage. The price is EUR 150 + VAT 24% per workshop.


Contact information

Jorma Vitkala, Chairman                       +358 40 5532042

Visa Valtonen                                     +358 40 7307991