Old Fox Club


The Old Fox Club aims to collect glass related information from experts who have retired from the whole value chain and to distribute it to the next generation.

This will ensure that we can pass on our invaluable (and often unwritten) experience. 

Universities and companies can hire our members to provide training or to help in the development of new products and processes.


The Old Fox Club will become the leading network for the entire glass value chain.


How can we achieve this? 


The Old Fox Club will coordinate all the work.

Members of the club will make a number of commitments:

- During the first year:

  • Produce two technical (not commercial) presentations (each slide bearing a reference) and write two articles which we can add to the club website

- In subsequent years:

  • Provide one paper per year.
  • Make some hours available to the club on a voluntary basis
  • Give one presentation per year (free of charge) to educational events arranged by the club (travel and local expenses will be covered)
  • Provide ideas on how and who will build a material bank so that every member can get access to all presentations and papers
  • Help to get business partners when we apply for EU funding to this project 
  • Bring in companies to support and develop the activities of the club
  • Validate presentations and papers, videos, animations, pictures, etc.
  • Validate new members when they are proposed to the club


Success does not happen by itself, but with other companies, universities, research institutes and customers.





A fresh approach

The Glass Innovation Institute (GII) is the first organisation to bring together experts from around the world to create and share a body of knowledge about the whole value chain of glass in innovative construction/building solutions.

For more information, please contact: 

Jorma Vitkala, jorma.vitkala@gpd.fi +358 40 553 2042

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