Assessing the impact of anisotropy on the glass and façade market


June 24th 2015, Tampere, Finland – Prior to the GPD Conference, organized by GII



The aim of the workshop is to bring together participants from the whole glass value chain: from glass processing companies to designers. There is a clear need to communicate and discuss the phenomenon – how different parties see this problem.

We would like to make an action plan, including common guidelines or recommendations. An important part of the discussion are also different measurement systems. We would like to follow‑up the outcomes from the 1st workshop and hear your opinion on future actions, key participants, and other suggestions.

Planned workshop is a continuation of series of Anisotropy/Iridescence challenge workshops. The 1st workshop was organized in April 2014 in Glaston Finland premises. It gave us several results and call-for-action: need for more communication, need for more transparency and co‑operation in glass industry, need for committee, research support, and above all concrete suggestions how to implement changes into working process in order to satisfy both ends of the value chain, glass processing companies as well as structural engineers. The Anisotropy workshop will be organized under the umbrella of Glass Innovation Institute.


Confirmed speakers as of 20.4.2015


Graham Dodd, Design Leader of Materials and Making at Arup

Christoph Timm, Associate at SOM

Marcus Illguth, Steel laboratory at Hochschule München

Prof. Dr.- Ing. Jens Schneider, Structural engineering at  Technische Universität Darmstadt , Facilitator of the workshop

Saverio Pasetto,  Façade Technical Director at Skanska AB, Moderator of the workshop


Preliminary program


To achieve concrete action points we have prepared the following preliminary agenda




Welcome to workshop


Introduction: Message from the markets, why Anisotropy is a problem


All parties will present their views: presentations from the research, architects, quality management, structural engineering, and processing side. Latest developments and findings.


Coffee break


Workshop: Forming joint development groups, first steps and actions

Short presentations per joint development group


Summary and discussion


Glass Innovation Institute has prepared virtual platforms for every joint development group so the preparation and development work can continue after the event.


Why participate


Workshops give unique opportunity to discuss glass quality challenges and provide an environment where problems can be discussed. The Anisotropy workshop will enable participants being up-to-date with latest know-how from this area from designers' [what markets need] as well as industry's [practical limitations] points of view. One of the goals of the workshop is to streamline wishes and demands from the market with glass industry's potential and perhaps spark some innovation.


How to sign in


You can sign in for a workshop participation by following: and procedure to Registration for Gii Workshops at frontpage. The price is EUR 150 + VAT 24% per workshop.


What we need from you

There is still an opportunity for speakers and sponsors to contribute to this workshop. If you have an interest in participating as a sponsor or a speaker, please contact via emails below with your information. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.



Contact information      


Jorma Vitkala, GPD Chairman

Nasif Yassin

Argjir Dubova                                

+358 40 553 2042

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