Architectural / Alvar Aalto tour


OP Vallila Glass Roof
OP Vallila Glass Roof
Tikkurila Railways Station
Tikkurila Railways Station

Excursion to Helsinki: Modern architecture – in the past, present and future

The Finnish climate and environment is very challenging for buildings and people: There’s very little day light during winter season where daily temperature fluctuation can be very high with the lowest temperature going as low as – 40 degrees centigrade. Future more during spring and autumn time, we have very high thermal load as sun shines from low angle. Given this challenge, how do architects and designers cope with it? How can they design sustainable buildings that contribute to human wellbeing?

The excursion will take participants to see some excellent examples of well-designed buildings and areas in Helsinki. Although the buildings have been built in different eras, they all have one thing in common – they have fulfilled the demanding requirements given by the people and Finnish nature. Some of them show how it was done a few decades ago while some of them have state-of-art technology hence giving perhaps ideas of how requirements will be met in future.

The visit will include the following:

Tikkurila Railway Station
Otaniemi area
Alvar Aalto architecture in Otaniemi
Alvar Aalto Atelier
OP Vallila (bank)
Musiikkitalo (concert hall)
Kamppi shopping mall

The buildings will be introduced by an architect/designer hence providing an “inside view” of the process.

The max number of participants in the excursion will be 25. If interested, please book early to avoid disappointment.  (extra charge 100€ + 24%VAT)


For more information, please contact: 

Jorma Vitkala, +358 40 553 2042

Lauri Aho, +358 50 4342136