High Rise 2023 Programme and PDF-Presentations

PDF-tiedosto2 High-Rise-2023-program 29.5.pdf (641 kB)
High Rise-2023 final program with time table
PDF-tiedostoSebastian Barth_Merck.pdf (7.7 MB)
New design options for photovoltaics
PDF-tiedostoAllan Gibson Kuraray Europe.pdf (4.2 MB)
The thermal effect on the acoustic attenuation of laminated glass
PDF-tiedostoRory Back, NSG.pdf (2.9 MB)
Advanced bird-safe glazing design
PDF-tiedostoMartin Brown Schott UK.pdf (9.9 MB)
Fire-rated façades – interaction between fire safety, design and fire-resistant glass
PDF-tiedostoKoltay Agnes - Koltay Façades.pdf (8.8 MB)
Practical Tips for Façade Design
PDF-tiedostoSteve Selkowitz.pdf (10.4 MB)
Glass and Facades: Challenges and Opportunities in a Carbon-Constrained World
PDF-tiedostoJorma Vitkala Vitkala Association Oy.pdf (7.3 MB)
Worldwide glazing trends
PDF-tiedostoAbstracts and CVs of the speakers HR 2023.pdf (1.1 MB)
Abstracts and CVs of the speakers High-Rise 2023

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